Summer Intermediate School Registration

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Intermediate student reading


Registration will open on April 5th @ 5:00 pm and closes June 2nd @ 5:00 pm. (Dates subject to change)

Summer Intermediate School Registration Information

You do not need to register for an account before registration. If you have an existing account you will be asked for your password. If you do not remember your password, pleae click the forgot password link.

A 50% tuition discount is available for any student enrolled in the PVPUSD Free and Reduced Price Meal Program or similar program at their home school district. All families are required to complete our PVPSS Discount Application to receive a coupon code prior to registration.  You will be required to upload proof of assistance (a copy of the PVPUSD Free and Reduced Price Meal Program confirmation letter). If you have any questions about eligibility, please email If you qualify for the discount, please do not register without the COUPON CODE as no refunds will be given.

The following items will be needed for registration: student Aeries ID number/personal email address/phone number, student insurance/doctor/dentist/preferred hospital information, and parent/guardian contact information. Students without an Aeries ID number can use 12345.

Please note that Active will offer their own refund insurance for an additional fee, but it is not necessary to purchase this. If you purchase the insurance, you will be responsible for cancelling the class through ACTIVE (PVPSS does not provide a refund with this option).

Changes and refunds will incur a processing fee (please refer to our SUMMER INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL CHANGES AND REFUNDS page).

IMPORTANT: GRADE LEVEL IS BASED ON STUDENT’S GRADE IN FALL OF 2024. If they are currently in 5th grade, you will sign up for 6th grade.


You will be directed to the Summer Intermediate School Registration page after clicking the link below. When registering, please input your student’s “rising” grade level for next fall. For example, current 5th graders will input 6th grade as their grade level.

Once registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

To check your completed registration, please click this link: PEF PVPSS – Intermediate Registration Portal – Active Network

See the diagrams below for more details.

“Active refund” is an optional insurance associated with and is not under our control. If you purchased this insurance by accident, please email Active ASAP for a refund.

If you accidently purchased the ACTIVE refund insurance and wish to cancel, please contact their Consumer Support team at for further assistance. They are the team dedicated to handle ACTIVE Refund related inquiries. Thanks very much for your understanding.