High School policies

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Onsite students who miss over two full school days, based on full-day absences and tardy marks, will be removed from the course without a refund. Please see details below.

  • PVPSS is unable to excuse absences, regardless of the reason (including illness).
  • Students who are/feel ill should NOT attend class. Please make sure to consider the safety of everyone else on campus.
  • Students who miss the last day of the semester will receive a zero for any missed work/exams distributed on that day.
  • Students arriving late to class (including after breaks) will receive a tardy mark.
    • Two tardy marks under 15 minutes result in a half-day absence.
    • Any tardy mark over 15 minutes results in a half-day absence.
    • Any tardy mark over 30 minutes results in a full-day absence.


There is no attendance requirement for online courses, but teachers will provide virtual support upon request.

Please note that although our online program is asynchronous (no attendance), students must submit assignments and take exams on all school days. Students can work ahead on the assignments, but they must still take the exams and check for teacher updates on each school day. The online option is best for self-motivated students who would like a structured academic environment, without the requirement of attending class.


Extensions to submit assignments cannot be provided for any reason, including illness or agreed upon additional services through the District, due to the fast pace of the program. Assignments submitted one day late will receive half credit, and no credit can be earned after that. Students, please make sure to connect with the teacher if you need support. Also, students should only enroll in an honors class if they excel in that area and plan to do two to six hours of homework per night.

In addition, please note that each student will receive an email no more than 30 days after registering with instructions on logging into the PVPSS account. All communication between staff and students takes place on the PVPSS account, so please make sure the student signs in once that notification is received. Please make sure to check your Junk folder!

Code of Conduct


  • Selling illegal narcotics/drugs/controlled substances
  • Unlawfully possessed or unlawfully offered, arranged, or negotiated to sell drug paraphernalia
  • Brandishing a knife/weapon at another person
  • Possessing, selling, or otherwise furnishing a firearm
  • Committed or attempted to commit a sexual assault or a sexual battery
  • Possessing an explosive


  • Possessing a knife or other instrument that may be used with the intent of inflicting bodily injury
  • Unlawfully possessing/using, furnishing, or being under the influence of any narcotics/illegal drugs/controlled substances
  • Extortion/robbery
  • Assault or battery against any school employee as defined in sections 240 and 242 of the penal code
  • Involvement (use, sale, furnishing, purchase, and/or possession} with alcohol
  • Possession or use of tobacco, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine products
  • Theft of, or damage to, school or private property (or attempt of theft/damage)
  • Causing serious physical injury to another person (particularly those acts that are premeditated) except in self­ defense


  • Engaged in, or attempted to engage in, hazing, as defined in penal code section 245.6(b) (referenced in 48900(q))
  • Possession of a knife or other dangerous instrument/object
  • Intimidation, any act of hate violence, or threatening to cause injury to another person
  • Disrupted school activities or otherwise willfully defied the valid authority of school personnel in the performance of their duties
  • Gang activity/involvement or any gang-related action/behavior that is damaging or disruptive to a safe and orderly school
  • Involvement (use, sale, furnishing, purchase, and/or possession) with alcohol
  • Racial/religious/sexual harassment (grades 4-12)
  • Committed an obscene act or engaged in habitual profanity/vulgarity
  • Falsification or forgery in relation to official documents
  • Violation of dress standards, including wearing of unsafe or disruptive attire or unsafe footwear
  • General violation of school rules, including the acceptable use policy for electronic resources
  • Significant classroom disruption
  • Cheating on examinations and/or other classroom work, including plagiarism
  • Unsafe acts, such as throwing food, or any other actions which threaten campus safety or order
  • Possession/use of an imitation weapon which can reasonably be mistaken for a real weapon