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Palos Verdes Peninsula Summer School (PVPSS) is thrilled to continue serving the educational community!  Students entering grades 9-12 have the opportunity to enroll in our summer high school courses for advancement (see dates/times in the Daily Schedule section below).  PVPSS offers both onsite and online classes, all of which meet the UC/CSU and NCAA college entrance requirements through our WASC accredited program.  We have an incredible staff and outstanding atmosphere.  With that being said, please review the information below to decide if PVPSS is the best option for you.

The program moves at a fast pace, as full-year courses are completed in only six weeks, and onsite history classes can even be finished in four weeks (see Daily Schedule section below).  Students must demonstrate a high degree of self-discipline to be successful, and it is very important to stay on track because each school day covers almost two weeks of material.  Therefore, teachers cannot provide extensions on assignments/exams for any reason, including illness.  Also, students should only enroll in an honors class if they excel in that area and plan to do two to six hours of homework per night.

Please note that although our online program is asynchronous (no attendance), students must submit assignments and take exams on all school days.  Students can work ahead on the assignments, but they must still take the exams and check for teacher updates on each school day.  Virtual support is also available upon request.

Please also note that PVPSS is a non-profit private entity that does not follow the same policies and regulations as a public school.  Due to the fast pace of the program, with only 12 school days in each semester, staff members are unable to provide any additional services that may be in place through the home District (such as extra time to submit assignments).  However, families are always welcome to share helpful information with the instructors.

Again, please consider the items above when deciding if PVPSS is the best summer program for you.

Daily Schedule for summer 2024 (June 17 – July 25) at Peninsula high school

First Semester: June 17 – July 3 Second Semester: July 8 – July 25
First Week: M – F, June 17 – 21 (no school on June 19)
Second Week: M – F, June 24 – 28
Third Week: M – W, July 1 – 3 
First Week: M – Th, July 8 – 11
Second Week: M – Th, July 15 – 18
Third Week: M – Th, July 22 – 25

ONSITE STUDENTS – Math, science, Drawing & Painting, College application prep

Onsite classes run from 8:00 am – 1:30 pm (the College Application Prep workshop is 9:30 – 11:30 am) on the Peninsula High School campus.  The dates are listed above, and please see the Summer High School Policies tab for details on attendance and assignment submission.


Our onsite World History, US History, and American Government/Economics courses have an exciting new format, which allows students to complete both semesters in only four weeks!!!  The schedule above is followed from June 17 – July 11 on the Peninsula High School campus (8am – 1:30pm), and the teacher will blend direct instruction with a software-based program.  Although students do not physically attend class after July 11, anyone who has not completed the course by that date will have until July 25 to finish online.  With that being said, the pace is designed to have students finish in four weeks without much (or any) homework.  Also, please note that American Government and Economics must be taken together for the onsite option, but students may enroll in one or the other through our online program.  Please see the Summer High School Policies tab for details on attendance and assignment submission.

ONLINE/ASYNCHRONOUS STUDENTS – History and Digital Photography

PVPSS offers an asynchronous online (no attendance) option for World History, US History, American Government, Economics, and Digital Photography.  Please note that assignments/exams are submitted on all school days, and deadlines provided by the teacher must be met.  Students may work ahead on the assignments, but they must still take the exams and check for updates each school day.  Also, teachers are glad to provide virtual support upon request.  Please see the Summer High School Policies tab for details on assignment submission.  

High School Important Dates – 2024

May 6 Last day to request a full refund, minus $75 administrative fee – See Registration for details
May 20 Last day to request a 50% refund – See Registration for details
June 17 First day of first semester
June 18 Last day to add/change a class – See Registration for details
June 19 No school – Holiday
June 21 Last day until second semester to level down from an honors course
June 25 End of first quarter
July 3 Last day of first semester – Mandatory attendance for onsite students
July 4 – 7 Semester break – No school
July 8 First day of second semester
July 11 Last day to level down from an honors course

July 11

July 16

Last day on campus for onsite history students – Details of the new onsite history format are above

End of third quarter 

July 25 Last day of class  – Mandatory attendance for onsite students (onsite history students excluded)
July 26 Last day to notify PVPSS that a student’s transcript should not be sent to the home school
August 30 Deadline to challenge a recorded grade