Q. Are there any residency requirements?
A. No. Non-PVPUSD students, private school students and summer visitors are welcome.

Q. I see that a student ID is required for registration – how do out of district students obtain one?  If you are out of district, home schooled or a summer visitor, please click this link in order to submit a request for a Temporary Student ID.  Current PVPUSD students will use their Aeries student account.

Q. How do I arrange to have 2 or more students in the same classes?
A. Their schedule requests must match exactly (all four main and four backup selections).  Applications for each student must be made on the same day and list the same 4 main class choices in the same order on each application. In addition, please request to have the students placed in the same classes in an email to on the same day that you register for summer school – be sure to include the student name and student ID number as well as account holder name (parent or guardian), since the last names can differ. Only one parent need email us if all information for both parties is included. NOTE: It is impossible to arrange some, but not all, classes together.

Q. What if it is absolutely necessary for my student to have a particular class?
A. That class should be listed as your first choice on the registration site. You should indicate that your child “must have this class or do not enroll” on an email to at the time you register.

Q. Can I find out which classes are full before I enroll my student?
A. As soon as a class has been selected by slightly more than enough students to fill all the likely available spaces, it will be removed from the selector list for that school. When a class that was previously on the selection list for a school is now no longer there, the reason is that the class is full.  A class still being visible on the selection list does NOT guarantee that the class will be available.  Until approximately June 1 when class schedules are set, we can only estimate which classes are full based on the number of students who have requested particular classes. Please check the registration website for a list of full classes, available on each school site’s selector list.

Q. Is it possible to hand deliver an application?
A. There is no paper application – all registration is handled online. All payment is handled by credit card (Mastercard, Visa or Discover only – NO AMEX).  If you are unable to register online or do not have a credit card, you may register at walk in (late) registration time, held one morning during the week prior to school beginning, or in person on the first day of classes, Monday, June 22, at any campus. Please note that class selection will likely be extremely limited at that point.  There is no walk in registration after June 24.

Q. What happens if Summer PEP is unable to give me 4 of my 8 choices because classes are full?
A. We will call you with additional class choices. If you are unable to select from the choices available, you may withdraw with a full refund.

Q. Can Summer PEP send me or give me my child’s schedule over the phone?
A. No phone requests for schedules will be honored. Schedules will be provided through their AERIES account and retrieval information will be provided via e-mail during the week prior to school beginning. The e-mail used for all communication will be the one associated with your online account set-up.

Q. How is the school day structured – how long are the four class periods?
A. The PEP school day is as follows:  Period 1 meets from 8:15 – 9:15 am.  There is a five minute passing period.  Period 2 meets from 9:20 – 10:15 am followed by a 20 minute break, time for a snack!  Period 3 meets from 10:35 – 11:30 am, followed by a 5 minute passing period, and Period 4 meets from 11:35 am – 12:30 pm.  Class dismissed and enjoy your afternoon.

Q. Is it permissible for a student to miss more than three days of Summer PEP?
A. Yes. Any absence approved by a student’s parents is permitted. If you know that your student will be starting after June 18, please send an email to us at For safety reasons, students who will not be able to attend the first three days of summer school may not register for Bio Lab, Chem Lab, Marine Biology or Wood Shop.  NOTE: No new registrations will be accepted after the third day of school.

Q. Does my student’s IEP or 504 apply during Summer PEP?
A. As a private and wholly separate entity, we are not legally bound by any plans in place with the district for students requiring additional services.  That being said, we encourage teachers to provide reasonable accommodations and modifications, when possible.  As soon as we are made aware of any student requiring extra help, teachers will be advised.  We do not have access to all district health information, so please add any pertinent information in the “Notes” field on the Emergency Contact/Health Info form you complete as part of registration. We appreciate the opportunity to provide the best summer experience for all PEP students, regardless of any limitations.

Q. Are crossing guards provided?
A. A crossing guard is provided for Ridgecrest at the corner of Highridge and Crestridge from 7:30 am – 8:30 am and 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm daily. For Miraleste students, there will be a crossing guard in front of the Miraleste Library on PV Drive East for the same hours listed above. The Sheriff’s Department may provide a Community Officer to assist with traffic flow at the bottom of the driveway (PV Drive East and Via Canada), based on availability.  Crossing at the bottom of the Miraleste driveway is not always the best option, and we recommend crossing only where a crossing guard is on duty. Please make arrangements for your child to arrive and leave between the posted hours.

Q. Will there be a nurse at the school?
A. A PVPUSD Health Aide will be available during Summer School hours at each school. Be sure to note any health issues are noted in your child’s Aeries account.

Q. Are snacks available for students during the mid-morning break?
A. A snack bar will be available for students under the supervision of PVPUSD Food Services. A schedule of prices will be posted on the first day of Summer School. Students are welcome to also bring personal snacks from home.

Q. Does Summer PEP provide transportation to and from Summer School?
A. No. Please contact PV Transit for their schedules at 310-544-7108 between 11:00am and 4:00 pm daily.

Q. Does Summer PEP offer any programs after the hours of Summer School?
A. There will be no after school programs offered at Ridgecrest, Miraleste or Palos Verdes Intermediate.