PEP course offerings

Summer PEP will take place at Miraleste, Palos Verdes, and Ridgecrest Intermediate Schools. See below for class listings.  Summer PEP takes place June 22-July 17, 2020 from 8:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (no school on Friday, July 3).  Tuition is $565.


MIS ONLY: Mrs. Chetanna

This class is designed as a review of 5th grade math concepts for incoming 6th graders in order for them to begin 6th grade math with a solid foundation. The class will focus on the fundamentals including basic operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Class limited to incoming 6th graders only.


MIS: Ms. Lilly Califano  ♦  PVIS: Mr. Fajardo  ♦  RIS: Ms. Kuykendall, Mrs. Ong

This class is for incoming 6th graders working at grade level and coded for regular PVCM 6 in the fall, as well as incoming 7th graders needing additional support. This class will cover whole number arithmetic, writing and calculating rational numbers (fractions and decimals), divisibility rules, number theory, and mathematical puzzles.


MIS:  Mr. Godbold  ♦  PVIS:  Mrs. Starodub  ♦  RIS:  Ms. Kuykendall

This two-period block course is available to current 5th grade students who would benefit from further instruction to prepare for entrance into PVCM 6 Accelerated in sixth grade.  Completion of this course will strengthen students’ mathematical skill base, provide a stronger foundation of conceptual understanding and better prepare students for the fast pace and rigor associated with the accelerated-level coursework.  PVPUSD encourages students to attend this summer program (or enroll in an independent study option**) particularly if the student was not initially recommended by his or her fifth grade teacher for the PVCM 6 Accelerated course. 


MIS: Mr. Kroon  ♦  PVIS: Mr. Fajardo  ♦  RIS: Mrs. Cooper-Padilla/Mrs. Hockensmith

This class is for students coded into PVCM 6 Accelerated or PVCM 7, and 8th graders needing additional support.  This class will cover integer arithmetic, the real number system, order of operations, variables and expressions, equations and inequalities, ratios and proportions, and mathematical puzzles. Incoming 6th graders must be coded for PVCM 6 Accelerated in the fall.


MIS: Mr. Kroon  ♦  PVIS: Mr. Fajardo  ♦  RIS: Mrs. Cooper-Padilla/Mrs. Hockensmith

This class is for students coded into PVCM 7 / 8 Accelerated or incoming 8th graders coded for PVCM 8 in the fall. This class will cover solving simple and complex equations, angles and triangles, graphing and writing single and systems of linear equations, functions, real numbers, the Pythagorean Theorem and mathematical puzzles.


MIS: Mrs. Chetanna  ♦  RIS : Ms. Kuykendall

This class is for students coded into Algebra Accelerated or Geometry in the fall.  This class will cover arithmetic and factoring of polynomials, systems of equations, radical expressions and advanced problem solving. Students will test their wits on a variety of brain teasers and mathematical puzzles as well as explore some of the skills needed in math competitions.

SUMMER BRIDGE TO ALGEBRA 1 (Four-hour block)

MIS: Mrs. Steinbach  ♦  PVIS: Mr. VanEnk ♦  RIS: Mr. Broughton

This course is available to students who have completed PVCM 7 and wish to enroll in Algebra 1 in the 8th grade starting with the 2020-2021 school year. Instructional time will include the additional content in PVCM 7/8 Accelerated that is not covered in PVCM 7.  PVPUSD encourages students to attend this Bridge class (or enroll in an independent study option**) in order to familiarize them with information they have not yet encountered, provide a stronger foundation of conceptual understanding and better prepare for the content associated with the Algebra 1 course.



This class is offered for students in grades 6-8 who are in the early stages of English language development.  Students will receive leveled support in language acquisition, structured writing support, and reading comprehension using a variety of supplemental materials and online programs.  Improving oral language, such as speaking and listening skills, will also be a large component of the class.


PVIS: Mrs. Kroeger   ♦  RIS: Ms. Kim

Develop and strengthen the writing skills necessary for success on intermediate school papers and projects.  Review the techniques of how to construct paragraphs incorporating effective topic sentences, support details and summaries with an emphasis on the six writing traits.  This class is designed for entering 6th grade students, as well as incoming 7th graders needing additional support.


PVIS: Mrs. Kroeger  ♦  RIS: Ms. Kim

This course is designed for 7th and 8th graders as they begin to prepare for high school writing requirements.  Learn the basic organization of a 3-5 paragraph essay, effective use of transitions, thesis statements and supporting sentences.  Improve your vocabulary and use of descriptive adjectives.


MIS: Ms. Rieder  ♦  PVIS: Mrs. Kroeger  ♦  RIS: Ms. Kim

Do you love to write?  This is a class for all you aspiring authors. Create short stories,

poems, perhaps the first chapter of your novel, and much more. Respond to a variety of prompts designed to stimulate creative ideas and innovative thinking.


MIS: Mrs. Calescibetta  ♦  PVIS: Mrs. Calescibetta

Se aprende hacienda—in doing we learn. Have fun learning to speak, read, and write a new language. Develop basic Spanish vocabulary. Very helpful for students who plan to study Spanish in the future.


RIS ONLY: Mrs. Ong

Have fun learning to understand and to speak Mandarin Chinese through conversation, songs, games and activities.  You will also be introduced to Chinese culture and learn to recognize and write some basic simplified Chinese characters. 


MIS: Mr. Rieder  ♦  PVIS: Mr. Kochakji   ♦  RIS: Mr. Hay

Learn to type accurately on the computer with proper finger positions, without looking at the keyboard. You will be introduced to all of the letters and numbers using computer based programs, in addition to various drills to increase your speed. Some Power Point and Excel may be included.


RIS ONLY: Mr. Woodward

Do you enjoy playing games on your computer? Create and design your own games with Gamemaker. This class is designed for all levels—beginners to experienced game designers. You’ll leave this class with a set of executable games to play at home.


RIS ONLY: Mr. Woodward

In this introduction to Robotics (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), students will use engineering principles to create, design, invent and build.  As students explore robotics and computer programming, they will learn about the design process and how to communicate their ideas through sketching and CAD (Computer Aided Design).


PVIS ONLY: Mrs. Starodub

Join this hands-on Femineers® STEAM Course.  This nationally recognized curriculum was created and designed by Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering to inspire females in grades 6-12 to pursue STEM careers, but boys will enjoy it too!  Students will develop real-world engineering skills to design, create, decorate and build a finished product using microprocessors, LEDs, motors and sensors. 


MIS: Mr. Godbold  ♦  RIS: Mrs. Acres/Mrs. Cordova

Everybody loves a mystery. Learn to solve “crimes” while practicing important scientific concepts, methods, and techniques. Assume the role of a crime lab chemist by carefully observing, thinking critically, and conducting forensic lab tests on evidence. Please note: video re-enactments of crime scenes are included.


MIS: Mr. Tsudama  ♦  RIS: Mrs. Acres/Mrs. Cordova

Explore the world of chemistry through extensive laboratory experimentation.  Learn about acid-based chemistry, molecular composition and decomposition. Fun experiments may include candy and ice cream making, turning pennies into “gold”, investigating chemicals found in everyday products such as air fresheners, sunscreens and lotions, as well as the “magic” of polymerization.


MIS ONLY: Mr. Kroon

Acquire an appreciation and knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants from invertebrates to the great whales. Includes use of microscopes and dissection of marine life.

The following series of four separate courses are for students who love a good mystery, who are interested in science and health, and want to use the tools of science and critical thinking to solve actual cases with their team of detectives.


PVIS ONLY: Dr. Criley/Mr. Criley/Mr. Kaveladze

Start with the actual 9-1-1 call regarding the unexplained death of an unidentified man in Los Angeles County.  Examine notes from the paramedics who arrived on the scene, review police reports, incident cell phone records, as well as records (no photos) from the subsequent medical investigations. Compete in teams to determine the cause of death and uncover the identity of the victim.   Along the way learn about sleep, healthy and unhealthy sleep habits, sleep medicine and wellness.


PVIS ONLY: Dr. Criley/Mr.Criley/Mr.Kaveladze

Take on the role of an overworked detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, called onto the scene of an actual motor vehicle accident in the early morning hours near LAX.  Two vehicles collided, and both drivers were taken to the hospital.  In your ensuing investigation, learn more about medical and forensic sciences and interact with a myriad of STEM professionals who worked to save the lives of the victims and help to investigate the cause of the crash.


PVIS ONLY: Dr. Criley/Mr.Criley/Mr.Kaveladze

Lying underneath a city parking lot in England are the bones of a man whom some people believe may be a long-lost king.  Embark on a journey involving history, literature, modern film, skeletal anatomy, forensics, chemistry, physics and genetics to determine whether these bones truly belong to a king, or someone else entirely.


PVIS Only:       Dr. Criley/Mr. Criley/Mr. Kaveladze

Explore topics from planetary geology to climatology to epidemiology and medical mysteries.  Work through complex problems in a game format that fosters creative problem solving that is forgiving of failure.   Experience a powerful level of engagement in dealing with complex, real-world scenarios requiring teamwork, communication and creative thinking.


MIS ONLY:  Mr. Rieder

Read, watch and compare young adult books with their film adaptations.  Discuss whether the films have done justice to the material in such diverse books as  “Coraline and Hoot”, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, “October Sky”, “Holes”, “Soul Surfer” and “The Hunger Games”.  Try your hand at writing critiques of the films.  


MIS ONLY: Ms. Reider

Are you new to the world of J.K. Rowlings’s novels, or are you worried your skills will suffer while you spend the summer in the muggle world? Do not fear, the Harry Potter class is here!  Earn points for your house, hunt a horcrux, write an article for the Daily Prophet, match with the perfect wand, and continue your quidditch training.  These activities, and many more, will ensure that you return to Hogwarts on the right track. 


MIS ONLY: Mrs. Chetanna

Try mochi from Japan. Make masks from Africa. Play games from Australia. Join us as we travel around the world, investigating and experiencing art, language, geography, music, history, food, games and daily life around the globe.


RIS ONLY:  Mr. White

Create quality video projects using Apple’s iMovie and Final Cut X editing programs. Work collaboratively to film and create short news segments, sports clips and more. Learn to incorporate custom music (GarageBand) for your projects, add video, audio and special effects to create packages, Public Service Announcements and more.


PVIS ONLY: Mrs. Demerjian

Students will learn the basics of interviewing, researching, and how to put together a video story using Final Cut Pro.  They will have access to our own broadcasting equipment including cameras, lighting, microphones, and our green screen.  Students will produce, direct, edit, and anchor news programs that will be broadcast to our school and online community on our website.


MIS: Mr. Rieder  ♦  RIS: Mr. White

Use your smart phone, iPad or tablet to go on several photographic adventures. Learn how to capture, edit and enhance your photos and upload them to an e-portfolio.


MIS: Mrs. Hargis  ♦  RIS: Mrs. Edmonds

Put what you see on paper!  Learn the basics of pen and ink drawing, sketching, and perspective.  Water color, tempera painting, charcoal, pastel and collage will be included.


MIS: Mrs. Hargis  ♦  PVIS: Mrs. Lawson  ♦  RIS: Mrs. Edmonds

A complete course in designing, forming, decorating, and glazing pottery. Learn basic hand building techniques including pinch, slab (tile making), and sculpture.


RIS ONLY:   Mrs. McArthur

Have fun exploring the many aspects of drama: monologues, mime, scenes, and story theater.  Develop your abilities in creative dramatics through improvisation, movement and characterization.


MIS: Ms. Rieder  ♦  RIS: Mrs. McArthur

Make your personality work for you as you learn to give impromptu and prepared speeches in class. Learn the effective use of voice, action, image, language and the power of persuasion in public speaking. Face an audience or camera with confidence and control, and make the most of your own natural speaking style. Have fun giving a speech without fear!


RIS ONLY: Mrs. Rosen

Have fun making banana bread, French toast, scrambles, smoothies, grilled cheese, meatless tacos, ice cream, and more. Discover this delicious way to eat using plants that also helps take care of our health, our planet and all the animals.  Not recommended for students with food allergies.


MIS: Ms. Lacey Califano  ♦  PVIS: Mrs. Scott

Discover the fun of being a chef.  Prepare everything from fancy hors d’oeuvres to luscious desserts.  Make pasta, pizza, tostadas, and more. Students may be exposed to tree nuts, almonds, eggs, seeds and dairy. Not recommended for students with food allergies.


RIS ONLY: Mrs. Rosen

Do you want energy for sports, more focus for homework, clearer skin and to feel your best overall? If so, then this is the class for you.  You will learn how to eat the RIGHT things to give you the fuel you need to be your best self.


MIS: Ms. Lilly Califano  ♦  PVIS: Mrs. Demerjian  ♦  RIS: Mrs. Ong

Learn everything you need to know about your new school and campus—from finding your classrooms and lockers to organizing your time. Survival skills such as designing a study environment at home to note-taking, outlining and library resource skills will be included.  Learn techniques for increasing your speed and accuracy on tests while reducing anxiety. Have fun while building confidence in your ability to succeed in this next step in your life.


MIS ONLY: Ms. Lilly Califano

Discover the noncompetitive practice of Yoga and stretching for improved flexibility, coordination and strength.  The ancient positions of Yoga promote a sense of wellness, relaxation and inner strength.


MIS: Mr. Tsudama  ♦  PVIS: Mr. Kochakji ♦  RIS: Mr. Hay

Share the ball, share the fun! Learn team play and its importance to group games such as soccer, basketball, flag football and softball. Play your favorite games and some you haven’t tried before. High level of physical fitness and activity. Team sports are an important component of youth development. Perfect class to have fun, socialize, and get some exercise.

*SPECIAL ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT: Students starting after June 22 may not enroll in ChemLab or Marine Biology, as mandatory safety instruction takes place the first three days of school.

**Independent Study: Please contact Kelli Keller, Executive Director Curriculum and Instruction @ (310)378-9966 x208 for further information regarding independent study options.