ONLINE: What is the status of online summer classes?  Students will have the opportunity to enroll in classes with the flexibility of completing most coursework online. For those considering online classes – You must view a mandatory online orientation that will be emailed to you, parents are welcome to view the orientation.  Click here for Summer High School Important dates.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Summer School

Registration is Closed for all summer programs.

Please check back in early 2021 for information on future Summer programs.

Will you provide a computer for my student? PVPSS will not provide loaner computers or Chromebooks for any online classes. Students must have access to a working laptop or tablet with a working camera and audio features. Students must have reliable WiFi and face to face and voice/text contact with faculty.

Will I need to purchase a book for my online summer course? Some classes will have an online book option and some courses will be using textbooks. You will be contacted if you need to pickup a hard copy textbook for your class. Textbooks for those courses will be checked out from the high school.

How does the program work? The online course is exactly as it sounds. Students log into the online platform and navigate to the different areas of the platform to read portions of the textbook, do assignments such as post to a discussion board, download a worksheet to complete and then submit it back to the teacher, etc. Tests (excluding the Midterm and Final) are also taken online and are timed. The teacher provides the assignment details and the due dates are indicated on the course pacing guide. Students are expected to self-pace and keep track of their due dates and test expectations. Teachers are available for support online and the platform help desk is available for technical support, should a student need it.

Do I need to be onsite for anything?  No.

What type of student is best suited for online courses? First, all students must have access to the internet and a device that they can work on during the full duration of the summer term. Students who are successful in online classes are students who are willing to self-pace, are self-motivated and willing to put in the time necessary to prepare and complete all of the required assignments. Students must also have the time to commit to the course. The course is demanding and just because the course is online, does not mean that it does not require a self starter.

Will my student have to be online every day? Generally, yes. Students should be spending approximately 4-5 hours per day (M-F) for a regular online course and 7-8 hours for an honors online course. Students who do not allocate daily time are still expected to meet the deadlines and complete all of the assigned work within the window of the unit in which they are working.

Will there be a designated time every day or weekly where my student will have to be on line? Some classes will require designated meetings, others will not. Specific instructions for each class will be provided approximately one week prior to the start of summer school.

What do I do if I am in a different time zone? If you are in a different time zone, you must plan and be aware that all deadlines are posted in Pacific Standard Time. You will only receive credit for assignments that are turned in within the deadline that is aligned to Pacific Standard Time. Please make adjustments and plan as necessary if you are not in the CA time zone.

If I am away from a computer and unable to log in for one week, can I still take the class? Yes. If you are willing to take steps to ensure that all of your assignments are turned in on time— which would mean working ahead in order to meet the deadlines. You would need to work out details and specifics with your teacher in order to deal with exams that may occur during that time (this does not apply to midterms or the final exam). PLEASE NOTE: Assignments turned in one day late will receive half credit, and assignments turned in more than one day late will receive no credit.

Please note that the registration process for Palos Verdes Summer School is separate from the course registration your student completed with their high school.  The 4000 summer school code listed in your student’s course requests DOES NOT indicate your registration for PV Summer School.  

General Summer School Questions

AP CLASSES:  Why don’t you offer AP classes during summer school?  We work very closely with the PVPUSD to be sure that our classes qualify for credit and provide the educational opportunities expected by our entire scholastic family.  For the benefit of the student, academic material covered during the school year would obviously be fresher in their minds when testing in the spring than if they had taken the class many months before.  The district has communicated their desire to have classes and AP testing take place without that large a lag time between, so we do not offer AP classes over the summer.

IEP/504: Does my student’s IEP or 504 apply during Summer HS?  As a private and wholly separate entity, we are not legally bound by any plans in place with the district for students requiring additional services.  That being said, we encourage teachers to provide reasonable accommodations and modifications, when possible.  As soon as we are made aware of any student requiring extra help, teachers will be advised.  We do not have access to all district health information, so please add any pertinent information in the “Notes” field on the Emergency Contact/Health Info form you complete as part of registration. We appreciate the opportunity to provide the best summer experience for all students, regardless of any limitations.

Using the template from the highly successful online pilot program created by PVPUSD during the summer of 2016, PVPSS will also utilize the same district-trained teachers, materials and “Fuel Ed” platform to ensure quality is not compromised in meeting the rigorous standards and expectations that have been established.  Due to the increased academic demands inherent with online learning, students are encouraged to speak with their guidance counselor to determine if it is a good match for their individual styles of learning.  Refer to the Course Offerings section of the registration site for the list of online classes.  See below for Online Summer School FAQs.

RESIDENCY: Are there any residency requirements – can any high school student attend? We welcome out of district students (non-PVPUSD, private school and summer visitors) to our summer program, as long as they have applied for a Temporary ID (required for registration) and will be able to meet the attendance policy for our program. They should also check with their home school to be certain that any credits earned during summer school will transfer for their own transcript.  All summer school policies, especially attendance, apply equally to all students, regardless of home district.  Please see registration page for Temporary ID request.

REVIEW: What is a “Review” class, who is eligible to take one, and how would the grade affect my transcript? Review classes are offered by semester, and are intended for students who need to repeat the semester in order to obtain a passing grade for graduation.  According to PVPUSD, “with the approval of the principal or designee, a student may repeat a course in order to raise his/her grade.  Both grades received shall be entered on the student’s transcript, but the student shall receive credit only once for taking the course.  The highest grade received shall be used in determining the student’s overall grade point average (GPA).”

WAIT LISTS: Do you have wait lists for closed classes?  We do not carry wait lists for closed sections.  Once registration has begun, classes that become fully enrolled will no longer be visible on the website.  Should a cancellation occur, the open spots become available, and the class will be posted again. Please check the registration site on a regular basis for class availability.

TRANSCRIPTS: PVPUSD students will be able to view their summer school transcripts on their Aeries accounts approximately 3 weeks after the end of the summer session. Out of district students will be mailed a hard-copy transcript to their homes. We do not mail transcripts to your home schools. If you need additional copies, please email