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More details of our Summer Break Program are coming soon.

Instruction at the K-5 level will differ from our traditional summer enrichment programs in order to address the concerns many parents and teachers have expressed regarding their students not having received the grade level curriculum in its entirety due to the unanticipated consequences of the viral outbreak.  Online instruction will focus primarily on providing additional academic support and further skill acquisition, reinforcement and enhancement in the content areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics.  This will be accomplished by creating blocks of time for each subject and allowing parents the opportunity to choose one or both blocks for their child.  Each block of instruction will be thoughtfully constructed considering the age of the students served, the utilization of time for directed instruction, the need for a variety of experiences to address all learning modalities and the sensitivity to balance activities that allow for fun coupled with in depth learning.  All teachers will possess a high degree of proficiency in the utilization of online technology.


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