Employment Information

PVPSS applications are available online for all Summer 2017 positions: administrators, faculty, non-certificated staff and substitutes.  The Summer Break Enrichment Workshop Proposal form is also available online.  If you are interested in substitute assignments only (not a teaching assignment), please submit the Substitute Application.

2017 dates are as follows:
High School (at Palos Verdes HS) 6/20 – 7/28
(FIRST SEMESTER: first week M 6/19 – F 6/23; second week M 6/26 – TH 6/29; third week W 7/5 – F 7/7)
(SECOND SEMESTER all weeks run M – TH 7/10 – 7/27)
PEP Intermediate (at MIS, PVIS and RIS) 6/19 – 7/14
Summer Break (at Cornerstone and Dapplegray) 6/19 – 7/14
No programs in session on Tuesday, July 4.

The forms are a PDF interactive format, and are found on the Employment Applications tab under Staff Resources.  For easiest submission, the form may be downloaded and completed on your computer, using the most current version of Adobe.  Once complete, please attach and email the application PDF and any supporting documentation requested to staff@pvpss.com.  We no longer accept paper applications.

Applications will be accepted beginning January 1 and must be received by January 31, 2017 for consideration.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail from our office when we receive your application.

Thank you for your interest!